Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom (Few pages are missing in the middle)

When I started watching, I had no idea to watch the movie beyond 30 minutes but the story telling & screenplay compelled to watch till its end. It was a remarkable evidence that with few new faces and with just 3 locations (House, Marriage hall & Government hospital), a strong script could reap success. The story line is simple, the main character due to an injury while play forgets some portion of his life just before a day of his marriage. His three friends doesn't want the marriage to cease due to this reason as the doctor highlighted that it is short term memory loss and could revive back anytime. The remaining plot is how those three manage to end the marriage with a positive note concealing the fact.

The total dialogue for the movie could be written in a 2 A4 size paper while the three friend’s gestures & their big rolling eyes talk the rest. Most of the dialogues of the main character would repeat 10 to 15 times yet you don't feel a pinch of boredom. Every time the dialogue is repeated you to tend to laugh more & more.

It is going to be a hat-trick for Vijay Sethupathi after "Pizza" and this movie. Well done! It's a sure shot hilarious entertainer of the year and a perfect way to end 2012. I am not going to dwell into music or camera work as the script overtook everything in a go.

"Aye Enna Aachu, naama cricket velayada ponoma....", "Shabba intha ponnu pai madhiri iruka" are few snippets which would stay for some time in our memory after you watch the movie.

The three new Musketeers have done pretty decent job but sometimes when they show blunt look expressing their surprise & anxiety it annoys us, perhaps could have been better. Same feel you get with the heroine that she could have performed more during the reception sequences. With numb face expressions and no sense of doubtfulness from the other supporting characters gives a little stage drama effect.

Nevertheless it is a super attempt on such low budget passing through the gates of "Box-Office-Hit". Cheers to the whole team for making a clean and a good entertainer.

A must watch fun-filled movie!!

P.S:- When I look at this blog while writing this post, I too tend to ask "Enna achu, are there missing posts?" as there is a huge gap between the previous and current post :-(

~Pongal 'O' Pongal 2009~

When Prabudeva was explaining the way each song of the movie "Villu" was taken in one of the TV shows, I was really awaiting to watch the movie. After watching it felt it is even worse than Kuruvi and confused why Soldier movie which I watched during my initial college days was converted into current trend for presentation. Man!! hopeless story and nonsense screenplay. When you write about a movie if there is something nice you will fill the gaps of other items. Here I see only large gaps everywhere. Vadivelu comedy has lost track and when you see him on-screen you get irritated. May be the movie focus is kids and that’s why it is taken in such a way. Looks like Vijay was thoroughly impressed by the stylish Ajith in Billa and want to record him in similar lines. Only item which I liked is the music by Devi sri prasad though usual masala but catchy numbers. Apart from it I don't see any good in this movie. Vijay I don't have to say anything if you are a true artist you would have realized the backlogs else something wrong in the top.

Another movie Padikadhavan in which Dhanush says this dialogue "Enna madhiri aalu ellam patha pidikathu paaka paaka thaan pidikum". I guess he is saying both for him as well for the movie. From where this trend of playing villains in Andhra started not sure may be influence of Kuruvi. You will get confused watching the movie as it completely loses its balance goes in its own directions. Sun TV has already geared up its marketing force to make the necessary hype for the movie.

I feel lack of quality movies makes all these movies reach 100+ days. I am sure you will see the 100th day, even 150th day celebrations for Villu as well Padikadhavan and some TV will host on an Ammavasai occasion as "Indhiya tholai katchiyil mudhal morai". Things have to change dudes else the standards will be compared with Kannada movies and not with Hollywood.

Finally Woke Up

When I started typing this India won the 5th ODI against England flamboyantly leading the series as 5-0. I have been sneezing a lot as this blog has dust covered all over it :-) Between the previous updates and today there have been numerous changes around the world. Obama won the US elections, Global economy is having a major heart attack and operation is being done by various economic doctors, Chandrayan was launched by ISRO successfully, the banks & financial institutions are undergoing a bad turmoil, I shifted to Bangalore, this blog completed its fourth anniversary and so on. Nothing is constant except change, a perfect statement.

Gautham finally completed Vaaranam Ayiram. The operation was a success but the patient died. Except Surya and Harris everyone dissolved like salt in water. Now that Harris is gone out of Gautham company, crossing fingers on his next venture. I am waiting for the long long due Kandasamy and Naan Kaduvul as I think the period will change completely before they get released and will look like Subramanyapuram.

BTW my patience level has increased so much and thanks to the most frustrating Bangalore traffic. No comments, no cribbing and enjoying it in a very optimistic way. Why? that’s all I can do about it!

One Night @ the Call Center

[Courtesy: Amazon]

After years had a chance to visit Landmark at Nungabakkam-Chennai, somehow felt few similarities with Barnes and Noble stores. My intention of going to Landmark was different but got disturbed after seeing the clouds of books. Took few English and Tamil books for my office travel :) One of them was "One Night @ the Call Center" written by Chetan Bhagat and started reading it right next day keeping aside the half completed "Small is the New Big". The story was OK OK type and you will feel at the end why things are bragged. We have seen movies where for a good climax the whole screen play would be dragged to fit in and one such recent example is Kuselan. "One Night @ the Call Center" had a good start then the usual masala/routine additions and ended with puzzled climax confusing us to think whether this book is of true story or fiction or mixture. I can see a pattern in the story line with "Five Point Someone" and "One Night @ the Call Center". I have got "The Three Mistakes of My Life" as well and if the same formula matches then that will be my end to read Chetan Bhagat books. In Tamil if you ask me I will describe his novels like this "Hero oruthan irupane, Avan ethavathu pannanum aana ennanu theriyama irupane, Avan oru ponna love pannuvane, antha ponnu kitta konjam deepa povane, apurum pirinchiruvane, aprum avannuku Rajini padthula vara madhiri sudena heroism varume, aprum ellam subhame, lovera kai pidipane...". There were few titters which you experience in "Five Point Someone" but here I didn't a penny. The speech of "G" is like a self help book notes and nothing much. Mr.Chetta if "The Three Mistakes of My Life" is similar then I will say Tata to you!

Maam Egam Saranam Vraja!

"This is the song... Naaku Muukka..." when played in the cheapest speaker at 5.00 am, you will get up with wide eyes even though you are in your deepest sleep. I was trying to figure out the scene around me, the bus stand looked at me as if a person had stepped into a place after many years and searching for his flash back. Yeah! Old memories of Kumbakonam. The place where I was a frequent visitor when I was studying my post graduation in a nearby college. Those days and still, there are no frequent flyer points else I would have earned to a level where I could have en-cashed to a flat LCD TV. The place is still with their traditional values and outlook except the added number of vehicles and few changes due to modernization. Kosi.Mani the local MLA and minister stays near Kumbakonam, saw him with his convoy when he was heading to some place for giving the speech "Periyorgale, Thaimargale and Udanpirupugale...." Kumbakonam I will define as the land of network of temples. It is surrounded by all the Navagraha temples and people from all dimensions fleet in for offering their respects and prayers. Old and ancient temples are the jewels of the place. I always stay in a calm mood when I visit such place. Upiliappan stands gigantically in his resort smiling at the assorted prayers for better life, more money, good health, career, prospects and so on....I don't know to explain but when I stay close and see him your mind loosens up. When admiring him, mama's come with the plates expecting optimum dakshanai, not realizing that they are with the world savior.

The Trio

1. I would name the book "Five point someone" as "The Trio" rather. Due to the meager travel according to US standards I do from my home to office [27 kms] or tedious travel of 27 kms within city limits according to Indian standards, I get some time to read anything and etc which I choose during my commutation. What is this etc? "Dostu bada dostu..." when played in local FM radio, I just close my eyes for sometime speaking with in as "Just relax dude". When the eyes close automatically the relaxation switches over to a small nap. In between my relaxation & nap, I found sometime to finish the book "Five point someone" written by Chetan Bhagat and gifted by my friend. It's about the days at Delhi IIT of 3 guys Hari, Alok and Ryan who were similar to the majority of students studying in any college offending the curriculum structure of the system. The difference is, the majority wouldn't have studied from beginning much and crib the system. These guys have proved successful in the same system till they joined IIT else how could they join there? The story line is simple and had always stayed within the IIT campus. It didn't peep out in each individual's personal life and was aligned to their days at the institute. Else it would have been a great source for the next mega serial in Sun TV. The caption of the book is "What not to do at IIT" and the story upholds it. Few chapters were really funny especially Hari's comments over Alok. Like the one when they plan to sneak into Hari's girl friend house on her birthday. The novel is well written, simple & plain. At many instances the author had left with a loose end, may be to continue with the part-II. Towards the end, he would conclude with their current positions after completing the IIT but with a word saying "A disaster occurred though". If part-II would be released then I will be one among to grab it.

2. At last the Dasavatharam fever was suppressed by Kuselan & Rajini's apology story. I am once again rewinding back to Dasavatharam. Being an ardent fan of Rajini always I have tried to be unfair to Kamal. But at times he wins over me with his sheer efforts & talent. Be it MMKR or Kurudhipunal or Nayagan...and now Dasavatharam. I am not going with the equations of what could have been done better. There are always better things than present and no end to debate. He had rocked with his efforts and the diversified talent he possess. Though not every inch I enjoyed overall it was a nice movie with enormous work put in. Not so easy to coordinate and sync up all the characters by the same person. It was a class treat from the class actor.

3. Parthasarathy temple lane at Triplicane, Chennai hasn't changed an inch for decades. The atmosphere is filled with the ghee & butters of course the tamarind rice smell from each mami's house. Cows and buffalos block the street causing "take diversion" for the drivers & riders. The temple stands high as usual with Messai Sarathy watching the Kali kaalam. The coffee powder aroma around compels you to take a cup of filter coffee as soon as you reach home. Mami's are busy in drawing ma-kolam when "uchavar" comes for visit around the street. Mama's exhibiting their muscular strength & thoondhi move around discussing from psycho manidhan to Kuselan. Bread bajji shops are packed with more people adding more & more cholesterol to their system. Young girls fleet into typing classes with a bunch of unruled sheets in their hand. Yet the place is lively and you would love to stay there. If only Sarathy appears and ask me where you want an apartment in Chennai though a costly offer, I would point right here perumale.

Chennai - the City

Kangal Irandal un kangal Irandal enai katti ezhuthai podhadhana...the song which impressed me from the day I landed in Chennai. Hmm...Alas I am back here. Am I happy? Am I excited? Am I comfortable? I don't know I don't know because I don't have time to think myself. You see that's the problem here, things are running so fast around you that you have time to run along with it. Chennai the place where lakhs [Not 100 thousands :-)] of people fleet in for work and various other activities haven't changed much in the base values but still you see evident added things on these values. First item I noticed in the government buses is the tickets issuing method. There is no more bunches of tickets carried by the conductor with variety of face values on it. He has this ATM kind of instrument where he punches in the amount and the ticket is printed. That was easy and a nice change. Vijay is scaring me on his Kuruvi movie posters everywhere in Chennai and looks like it was forced to be a hit. You know why... don't you.

I am seeing the best of best cell phone models here whereas still I feel U.S. is 10 years behind. You get a feel that most of the people tend to behave as if something is chasing them. Are they being chased or are they chasing something? Not sure but you will get that feel. Within city limits I don't see a penny change in terms of cleanliness and it has got worse. The thing which I crib continuously is the mad traffic. Every bank is giving out 0% interest loans for these vehicles and every dick & harry had got some vehicle adding more traffic on roads. Apart, the people have the possible negative value traffic sense with them. Yes, pathetic traffic sense and when I start my bike I remind myself whether I have a valid life insurance than my driving license. Not exaggerating but this is the true state.

I think there are at least 50+ T.V. channels newly added and every channel follows the same pattern of show list ignoring minimal level of creativity. Over re-acting casts and same revenge fundas are the most watched mega serials. Still you have to appreciate that they have tied the people and I see many rush back to watch their favorite Kolangalal or Arasi to name a few. The internet connection is neither good nor bad, somewhat you can adjust if you don't have the greediness to open multiple sites or download something big item.

Sathyam Cinemas have taken the movie experience to next level. Yes it is awesome with a heavy price to it but truly amazing. The ambience, seating, effects and all other items have been carved with perfection. But you need 1000 INR to watch a movie with 4 family members. Saravana Bhavan has reduced dosa size to idly size and charging double than before. The sambar or chutney what they give is just for smelling not for eating.

Real estate business is woofing to the sky and 80% due to the NRI software engineers sitting outside the country, coding "dim a as integer". The inflation rate has gone to 12% in the country and everything is at least 50% more price from 3 years back. The politicians haven't changed much and still think people are comedians. They do the same thing what they were doing in 1980's and I think the next change would be hitting there. Fridays at IT companies is like going to a cat walk show. You will get confused where you are for a minute on Fridays.

There are many many items I observed in this continuous changing city but this page would be then glutted all over. Hence resisting with the samples and leave it to you guys to experience yourself.


Life changes continuously and traverses through different phases due to its and our own course of action. Once again time has come to pack my bags for the return to homeland. It’s tough to adapt quickly to a whole different world after living quiet sometime in the land of opportunity. This space and time has definitely given the right exposure and knowledge which every software engineer likes to gulp. At the outset the living style and the day-to-day activities are completely different between these two worlds. I am going to miss few things definitely here and with the good memories back in mind traveling back home with hopes and starting things freshly. If again lines cross, I might drop by here. For now Good Bye US Dudes.

A Love Letter

Dear Lakshmi,

I still remember the day I met you and without any inch of hesitation, I accepted you as is. From there I have enjoyed every single moment with you and always loved to move along together. To my conscious I believe I have taken utmost care of you and whenever you weren't feeling well I have treated you with the best care I can afford. I have always fed you with hygienic food and avoided dirty places. You have shared my moods when I am happy or sad. Whenever I get down mentally, you have enhanced my mood with good music and drive. I haven't troubled you much by using you harshly and always stayed with the gentle touch. You have wonderful shape and nice at inside. I have ensured that no one touches you in crowd and when someone even come close, I took you out of that area. You have been a good friend and we had a nice relationship so far. When I realized that you might depart me soon, I was really upset. True dear! I was restless when someone started to come and snatch you from me. When someone utters minor complains about you I was defending you and never let you down. When it was confirmed that you will leave me, I started feeling the loneliness. Finally when you left me today, I just stood there to see you going far away and disappearing after sometime. I wish I would see you again sometime but not sure when and how. You have left me only one thing for me to remember and you will always stay back deep inside my memories. Oh dear! Love you and going to miss you a lot :-(

ஊரை தெரிஞ்சுகிட்டேன் உலகம் புரிஞ்சிக்கிட்டேன்
கண்மணி என் கண்மணி
ஞானம் பொறாந்திரிச்சு நாலும் புரிஞ்சிருச்சு
கண்மணி என் கண்மணி

Web Services and Cloud Computing


There is much attention given to Web Services and Cloud Computing after the recent launch of Amazon Web Services. The terminologies or the called technical jargons are yet to be exposed in full length and many people aren’t clear about the underlying facts. Still if you go to an Amazon employee and ask for a definition, he might stumble upon to provide a meaningful description. Since these are in their maturity phase and there is long way to go to explore in depth and create awareness.

Let’s go back to roots to understand the Web Service. Initially when the programming language was used, we define functions or procedures to reuse the set commands in our program. This function or procedure when invoked with the required parameters or supply in values they apply the series of commands within them on these supplied values and return the output to the calling code or the parent handler. Let’s say you have written the program in C or C++ language then the function written is also in the C or C++. So the function and the program are in the same language and platform. After a period several programming packages and operating systems started exposing something known as Application programming interfaces [API]. APIs are language dependent set of codes available for usage in the programs. You can invoke these API depending on the functionality and passing the set of necessary arguments.

After these there were several ways in which the reusable code were developed and consumed. Still there was a dependency on the plat form or some sort of conversion required to use these pre-written functions. When the development cycle was getting matured, Service Oriented Architectures [SOA] and Software as a Service [SaaS] concepts evolved leading into the development of Web Services. Web Service as the name implies is a service provided over a network like web. A wiki definition states Web Service as “a software system designed to support interoperable Machine to Machine interaction over a network”. You can simply consider the Web Service as set of APIs exposed over internet or some sort of network. You can invoke these Web Services by passing the required values and get back the results and the biggest break through is these are interoperable. Meaning these functions are independent from the calling platform or language. You can call a Web Service via Java or via .Net or from any programming tool/language which offer you to consume the Web Services. This is possible using the eXtensible Markup Language [XML] formats and Simple Object Access Protocols [SOAP]. Going into the background process of how it works is a whole different subject and detailing here might dilute the basics.

The Web Service expose their signature like what input it takes and what output it gives via Web Service Description Language [WSDL]. Now I know what is a Web Service and its basic operations, I want to know the list of Web Services available on the web and the Universal Description, Discover and Integration [UDDI] pitches right in there. UDDI is like yellow pages of Web Services on the web and it describes the list of Web Services available with a description of the functionality. So when I want to use a Web Service, I go to the UDDI, search for service related to my required functionality and use it in my program.

Let’s now move onto the concept of cloud computing, you can say it as a data center available outside your company or your walls and you consume the power of it for your processes. On the web it is defined as “A pool of abstracted, highly scalable, and managed compute infrastructure capable of hosting end-customer applications and billed by consumption”. It is collection of resources from computation power to applications lying outside and you can use it for your work. Opposed to the SaaS you can call as HaaS – Hardware as a Service. So all you need is a desktop with connectivity to the vendor you have tied up for cloud computing service and you are on the hook for your operations.

Both these are maturing and over a period you will see many players trying to fill in the space. Now Amazon Elastic Compute, Google Apps, Microsoft Mesh are to name from the big players in this area.

All these are the phases of widening of our technical advancements and it is going to be a joyful trip as we leap forward.